The main goal of the Fliber.net project is to help enterprises improve their overall business performance.

All services working on the portal are design to fulfil the needs of modern business. Each implemented function aims to solve a lot of problems faced by companies.

The main tasks that we seek to solve with the help of the project:

  • Help find partners in any area of ​​business, based on the needs, geographical location and other characteristics of the organization;
  • Create comfortable conditions for the interaction of organizations with each other.

Tools aimed at solving the tasks:

  • advanced search technology buyers / sellers ROSS ;
  • checking the counterparty by TIN, at the address, by founder (analysis of firms); 
  • creation and management of company lists;
  • providing additional details to other members of the community and on the public page;
  • messaging with managers of other organizations;
  • informing about the nearest exhibitions in the country;
  • registration of several employees, the division of rights between them;
  • creating notes about organizations;
  • corporate blogging  (Articles);
  • user reviews about firms;
  • advanced search firms  (Manual search).

In the near future, additional tools will be implemented: creating your own events, creating and agreeing on contracts.