Digital Signage

Signage has gone through many changes throughout the years. Other inventions like the lightbulb and neon lighting has really made signage into a new form of advertising that creates new signages like digital signage or so called, the lightbox or electronic signage. The first signs of signage is dated back in ancient Rome, where they used signage for roads and shop fronts. Signage is used as a means to advertising and raise people’s attention to certain places, whether it be just a small business or a big one.

Digital signage has evolved through the idea of traditional or normal signage that we usually see everyday varying from different types and makers of signage from all over the country including the signage maker malaysia. The invention of the light bulb in digital signage helped into illuminating traditional signage in the dark and also helped in the signage invention such as back lighting. As inventions like the television flourished, things like VCR was born. It was the first start to what digital signage is now to this day.

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In the 70’s people started to use the VCR to play advertisements all over the television back to back, as a means to gain customers and to advertise products or services. When the 90’s happened and the internet bloomed, the idea of advertisement grew bigger. The term digital signage was created in the early 90’s.

Due to cheaper prices of the television screens, it started out the usage of electronic and digital screens for digital signage. Digital signage now, use technologies such as LCD and LED display that helps in displaying images, video, menus and many other things that we can see in restaurants, transportation spaces and many other establishments. It is actually a cost effective method of advertisement as it can help reduce prices such as labour work, and is easy to change with the usage of apps and software. Digital signage will be the future of all signage.