The world today has been developed with ever growing new modern technology, inventions and innovations that are to make the human life at ease.  These new ideas and evolution of technology. There has always been the argument to whether which type of medicine is better. There are many opinions to this whether it being to agree in traditional medication or modern medication, as well who believe that both are alike and have benefits on the equal sides. In a way, it is good to have that choice, as you can easily go to search for Best traditional liver supplements kuala lumpur in local herbal shops around the city or even to actually go and find medical support from an established hospital. There is still popularity growing with the traditional medicine with now an industry being awakened like pamoga and other similar products, as well as the village folk medication for sinus.

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But even with this growing popularity, can we actually say that traditional medicine is still not 马来西亚最好的肝病中藥 as good as modern medication. Modern medication has gone through a lot of research before it being fit to be prescribed and consumed to the public. The issue with traditional medicine is that is has not really been researched much, but they can get certified with the medicinal board of the country, to get that approval of promoting and selling it out to other people. An issue also arises in modern medication is that is usually has many side effects. For example, if you consume too many antibiotics it can make the body be resistant that is bad for any future medical symptoms that require antibiotics, and then they have to be prescribed with a stronger form of antibiotics. In this issue it can be solved with medical information needs to be transmitted properly with the right channels to enable people to eat their drugs responsibly. So in the end, modern medicine might be a lot more acceptable, but traditional medication should still be taken if by choice. The power lands in the hands of the consumer, so they have to be wise.

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