When we think about anything related to the word E the first thing that comes on our mind is like the internet related things which is actually containing from the online world. Now a day the word E-commerce is become a very familiar word in this current world. E-commerce mean buy things or goods from online sites and deliver. There are many online stores nowadays people are purchasing from them also but another thing is e-commerce also about promoting, making good connections with customers and serve the customer through online social sites and also their customers data are very essential to them to get the ideas about their customers’ agriculture e-commerce is similar to this also.

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The major two components of agriculture component will be the information gathering and promoting. And a description about this two components are given below:

Information Gathering: In this area organizations are usually take the information from the customers. They gather the data that what kind of fertilizer their customers want in which price? What are their potential customers and also, they gather the data about their shareholders, competitor and so on as well as they take the data from the research articles and journals about agriculture on fertilizer and so on? So, this component actually helps them to achieve their future goals. The community can get pensijilan MSPO to ensure that their methods are appropriate.

Promoting the business: For an organization it is one of the basic terms to promote their organization and their products as well as to their customers and the outsider worlds. So, the agriculture e-commerce also gives a particular attention as well as to the outside world and their customers. So basically, agriculture e-commerce is also about to promote their agriculture organization, their tools or about their fertilizer.

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Basically people are still not familiar with the word and terms of agriculture through it help us in our daily agriculture terms in current world.